Boom Mala 2 – $100

All boom mala profits goes towards planting trees in agate, CO .IMG_1159.jpg

Click here to buy Boom Mala 2

108 beads, 108 knot and 108 prayers x 2 (A mantra was said each time a bead was strung and knotted)

What Mantra was said?

Mantra – Om Ami Dewa Hrih – protects you from dangers and obstacles, and overcomes all hindrances to your success. The mantra enhances your compassionate and loving nature bringing incredible blessings each time you recite the mantra.

What beads are used in Boom Mala 2? Descriptions below

White agate – protection strength and harmony , clears all chakras, white agate stone of hope

Blue opaline – for raising hope and strength. Brings peace to all . Helps communication to express your wants and desires . Throat chakra .

Tibetan agate – all around healing stone for body, mind, and spirit. Produces strength, power and courage . Brings good fortune , prosperity and health. Healing & Grounding (root chakra )

Red jasper – stone of endurance , supports circulatory system , brings energy and physical strength, increases stamina and immunity. Brings focus and determination for completing ones goals. Grounding the body to prolong energy levels. (Root chakra )

Black lava stone – calming , stabilizing & grounding, healing stone brings energy and vitality. Harness powerful energy since they are made from volcanoes. Stone of strength & courage . (Third-eye and crown chakras)

Blue agate guru bead – grounding stone, reduces/ eliminates negativity , creates emotional stability . Protective stone ; strengthens the body and its connection to the earth. Balancing and stabilizing stone , cleanses the aura , strengthens sight and promote marital Fidelity.

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